Wendy Farley and Claims of Heresy as Methods of Domination

Wendy Farley’s Gathering Those Driven Away: A Theology of Incarnation examines incarnation through the lens of the marginalized, claiming that the “witness of Christianity’s rejected and despised is essential to the gospel.”[i] She claims that the “true apostolic faith” only occurs when we listen to the voices that have been driven away.[ii] As such, in her first chapter she looks at how the language of heresy has perpetuated a dominating and isolating logic that contradicts the Gospel of love. Continue reading “Wendy Farley and Claims of Heresy as Methods of Domination”


Labor Day, Sabbath, and Our Faith: Loving God and Neighbor

To see a reflection on preaching about work/Labor Day, see Zach Dawes’ article “Labor, Wages, Often as Overlooked Sermon Topics.” *

As Labor Day approaches, there are a variety of factors on whether one will actually get to cease from labor this weekend. As Christians, we should be mindful of this reality.

Sabbath mode
Sabbath mode

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What does “redemption” even mean?

Have you ever read the same term over and over, think you know what it says, hear it said a lot, and yet you aren’t quite sure what it means?


I’m like that with “redemption.” I’ve spoken about it. I’ve heard it in countless textbooks, songs, and even popular culture.

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