“Enough”: A Sermon on Isaiah 55:1-9

This past Sunday, I preached at Webster Groves Baptist Church in Webster Groves, Missouri on Isaiah 55:1-9. This was in part for Martha Stearns Marshall Month. You can listen to it here, beginning around minute 36. Thanks to the congregation at Webster Groves Baptist Church and Rev. Dr. Terrell Carter for your hospitality!  

Here are the resources I used for my sermon:

  • For the opening prayer, the thematic prayer from this lectionary resource website through Vanderbilt. 
  • This Working Preacher podcast (episode #467) hosted by Rolf Jacobson, Karoline Lewis, and Matt Skinner described repentance both as repenting of sin, but also turning toward and being open to the grace of God.
  • This NPR story: “Chef Trades Toque For Amish Beard, Opens Off-The-Grid Deli In Maine” about Matthew Secich, a five-star chef who became Amish. (Please forgive my mispronunciation).
  • The New Interpreter’s Bible: Isaiah – Ezekiel (Volume 6). Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press, 2001 for connecting to the covenant with Noah.
  • HarperCollins Study Bible. Revised ed. San Francisco, CA: HarperOne, 2006. The commentary comments on how the opening exhortation was commonly used in funeral rituals.





Author: Kate Hanch

I like to laugh, study theology, the church, & Missouri sports. Sister, daughter, wife, Baptist, Christian feminist, friend, minister, PhD student in theology, wanderlust.

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