A Prayer After the Pulse Shooting in Orlando

After the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL, I, like several white straight Christians, struggled to respond. Here’s my imperfect prayer following this tragedy, stemming from my own context. Below are some helpful resources that have guided my prayers. Please note: this will be edited to include additional resources below. Please feel free to recommend any additional resources. 

Oh God,


Our hearts are broken.

Our world is broken.

We pray for the Pulse nightclub in Orlando

And other sanctuaries for LGBTQ persons

We pray for the victims and their loved ones

We weep with those who weep

and mourn with those who mourn

Let them know peace

Let them know safety

Let them know joy




We acknowledge that the church has too often been a place for harm for LGBTQ persons

And this contradicts Your call to love our neighbors.

We confess how our words and actions have harmed LGBTQ persons

We admit our silence and fear to speak against injustice is equally sinister

Help us repent of what we’ve done, and what we’ve failed to do

To match our feet with our words.




Give us bold hearts to proclaim your truth:

That your love knows no boundaries

That your love never ends




Help us be partakers in peace

Not a peace that is indifferent to the margins, or subjugates difference

Not a peace that perpetuates status quo

But a peace that does justice, loves kindness, and walks humbly with you

And with those you love.

Let us partake in this peace actively

Listening to those who’ve been hurt by our actions

And bearing witness to your grace in this world

In the name of your Son

By the Power of your Spirit,


Helpful Resources:

Statement from the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity on the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Florida

After Orlando, Our Silence is Sin by Amy Butler

Six Things Straight Christians Can Do After Orlando  by Hugh Hollowell

What Christians Must Do After Orlando by Matthew Vines

Here Are All Of The Victims In The Orlando Nightclub Shooting by Buzzfeed Staff

How Long, O God: The Pulse Massacre and the Ongoing Violence Against LGBTQ People by Reconciling Ministries Network

I follow these facebook groups, which have shaped my perspective: The Alliance of Baptists,  the Association for Welcoming and Affirming Baptists, The Young Clergywomen Project




Author: Kate Hanch

I like to laugh, study theology, the church, & Missouri sports. Sister, daughter, wife, Baptist, Christian feminist, friend, minister, PhD student in theology, wanderlust.

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