Sabbath and Labor Day

It’s that time of year when we think about our work and how our work connects with our faith. This is something I’ve often pondered. In what ways do our jobs affect our participation in our faith communities? In what instance may the participation in a faith community may be an economic privilege?

Carol Howard Merritt addresses this reality in Five cultural shifts that should affect the way we do church. She addresses how young persons’ jobs (or lack of prospects of) affect their participation in the faith community.

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She writes:

 Is the first thing that comes out of our mouth at coffee hour, “So, where do you work?” Can we think of another question, like, “So, what keeps you busy these days?”

I’ve written a couple of things of my own on Sabbath and Labor Day:

Will Your Church Connect With Sunday Workers?  on

On this blog, I wrote Labor Day, Sabbath, and Our Faith.

The ability to obey the Sabbath commandment is a justice issue. And an economic issue. And a political issue. And a spiritual issue. And an ecclesial concern.

Recognizing this, let us approach what it means to be church  with creativity, care, and compassion, knowing that, as Augustine says in the Confessions, our rest is found in God.



Author: Kate Hanch

I like to laugh, study theology, the church, & Missouri sports. Sister, daughter, wife, Baptist, Christian feminist, friend, minister, PhD student in theology, wanderlust.

One thought on “Sabbath and Labor Day”

  1. I often dream of observing Sabbath once my studies are done – as if it’s a reward for the future. I know that’s not how it’s supposed to be, but actually observing the Sabbath seems like a luxury. I wish more institutions considered it as vital a justice issue as minimum wage or something like that.


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