“Old Beginnings”

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Luke 2:22-40

Let’s be honest, the Sunday after Christmas does feel like a bit of a letdown, doesn’t it? We’ve unwrapped the presents, eaten most of the leftovers, and some of us have the daunting task of taking all the Christmas decorations down. We have both pain and anticipation around the new year. The excitement from Christmas has worn off, and we brace ourselves for getting back to the routine. For students, this means back to school.

Source: http://diglib.library.vanderbilt.edu/act-save-image.pl

But for Mary and Joseph, the struggles had only begun. After a long and excruciating journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, well over 100 miles, Mary birthed Jesus in a barn. That question people ask when we leave the door open, or when we chew with our mouth open: “Where you born in a barn?” Continue reading ““Old Beginnings””