My name is Kate Hanch, and I live in Missouri. I am currently pursuing a PhD in theology at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and received my MDiv at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. During my studies, I’ve had the opportunity to be a Teaching Assistant and adjunct an introduction to theology course. I’m also ordained in the Baptist church, and served as a Children’s and communications pastor. I occasionally supply preach, so if you need a preacher, I’d be happy to help! My husband and I enjoy cheering for Missouri sports, road tripping and traveling, (though we don’t get to do this as often as we’d like), BBQing, and trying new things.

The goal of this blog is to improve my writing, to be accountable to a wider audience, and to describe what I’m reading to those who may not have the time or opportunity to pursue such interests. Please feel free to ask questions, recommend books, challenge  me, etc. I expect to make mistakes and change my mind, and see this as part of the sanctification process as I attempt to follow the Triune God.

At Keble College in Oxford, Great Britain


The title of this blog reflects my belief that the task of theology is always in dialogue, with God and with those in the past and present, reflecting Hebrews’ 12 phrase “a great cloud of witnesses.” I’ve written for Ethics Daily, Baptist News Global (formerly Associated Baptist Press), and Near Emmaus.

For more on how I approach the task of theology, see here.

This disclaimer is borrowed from nearemmaus.wordpress.com’s website with permission from Brian Leport:  “The views and opinions presented on here may not represent the groups or organizations with which the author is affiliated. Also, please consider consider that the author’s opinion may have changed since the publication of a given blog post. Thank you!”


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