“Biblical Masculinity” and “Sanctified Testosterone:” Why Biblical Manhood is Idolatrous

Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, describes the need for “biblical manhood” for “anemic churches.” However, the notion of “biblical manhood” is idolatrous.


When I first read the article in Baptist News Global about Jason Allen’s comments at the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (view its entirety here), I got a lump in my throat, my shoulders tensed up, and my chest ached. I was reminded of a time when I was working and a man, not my supervisor, but in leadership where I worked, came up to me while I was at my desk. Continue reading ““Biblical Masculinity” and “Sanctified Testosterone:” Why Biblical Manhood is Idolatrous”

“Enough”: A Sermon on Isaiah 55:1-9

This past Sunday, I preached at Webster Groves Baptist Church in Webster Groves, Missouri on Isaiah 55:1-9. This was in part for Martha Stearns Marshall Month. You can listen to it here, beginning around minute 36. Thanks to the congregation at Webster Groves Baptist Church and Rev. Dr. Terrell Carter for your hospitality!   Continue reading ““Enough”: A Sermon on Isaiah 55:1-9″

Responding to Ashley Ray’s Comments on the “Feminist Rebellion”: Why I am a Baptist Feminist

This post has been edited. 

When I usually come across articles like the one describing Dr. Ashley Ray’s lament on the “feminist rebellion,” I usually ignore them. However, I am reminded of how comments like this reflect embedded beliefs and practices of many people. This is similar to Donald Trump’s and other candidates’ xenophobic comments, which seem exaggerated to the point of being grotesque, but actually reflect some peoples’ beliefs.

When I tell people I identify as a feminist[i], some folks seem shocked or confused, in part because of comments like  Ray’s, which attempt to paint the feminist movement in broad strokes without knowing the breadth of feminist theory and literature. Continue reading “Responding to Ashley Ray’s Comments on the “Feminist Rebellion”: Why I am a Baptist Feminist”

Wendy Farley and Claims of Heresy as Methods of Domination

Wendy Farley’s Gathering Those Driven Away: A Theology of Incarnation examines incarnation through the lens of the marginalized, claiming that the “witness of Christianity’s rejected and despised is essential to the gospel.”[i] She claims that the “true apostolic faith” only occurs when we listen to the voices that have been driven away.[ii] As such, in her first chapter she looks at how the language of heresy has perpetuated a dominating and isolating logic that contradicts the Gospel of love. Continue reading “Wendy Farley and Claims of Heresy as Methods of Domination”

Labor Day, Sabbath, and Our Faith: Loving God and Neighbor

To see a reflection on preaching about work/Labor Day, see Zach Dawes’ article “Labor, Wages, Often as Overlooked Sermon Topics.” *

As Labor Day approaches, there are a variety of factors on whether one will actually get to cease from labor this weekend. As Christians, we should be mindful of this reality.

Sabbath mode
Sabbath mode

Continue reading “Labor Day, Sabbath, and Our Faith: Loving God and Neighbor”

What does “redemption” even mean?

Have you ever read the same term over and over, think you know what it says, hear it said a lot, and yet you aren’t quite sure what it means?


I’m like that with “redemption.” I’ve spoken about it. I’ve heard it in countless textbooks, songs, and even popular culture.

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